Killer is Dead

So this is an SG win I chose to play. The art style is unique, mainly being it looking like a bleeding broken graphic card mess. Hahaha. The game play is basic hack and slash. It turned out quite enjoyable to be frank. Real time action with attack and defense/dodge. Me just dying 10 million times to the boss. Me thinking, “Hey I can do normal. Let’s do nightmare” then subsequently getting 1-hit KO’d continuously because I can’t time my dodge properly. I just opted to do hard instead. Did much better.

Usually I opt for 100% achievements but most of the other achievements here are “kill 100 times a certain way” which is just going to be a grind fest so going to go the way of Layers of Fear for now and put it on hold since I’m done with the main story line.


The job is… KILLER IS DEAD


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