Two Digits

My latest win!

The game play is pretty straightforward – both side’s values must equal each other. Though I have to admit that since it has been a while since I played Three Digits, I was playing this game like Sudoku and had to visit the store page to figure out how to play it and read my old post about Three Digits to see what the point of the game was lol.

One good thing about the game’s achievements is that it doesn’t have the “finished level in under XX moves” because I would tank that with the amount of tries and random clicks I’ve done haha. Also, I didn’t experience “Game fatigue” like I did with Three Digits, it could be because the numbers are smaller (two digits huehuehue). In levels 240-250, it felt like who ever made those levels was like “YES HOMESTRETCH! LET’S END THIS” because it was surprisingly easier than some levels in between.

I had to look up what the hidden achievement was. :v TRICKY!


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