SG peeves

Recently, there’s been a passive-aggressive poster in SG who comes in giveaways and goes (non-verbatim), “I have looked through other people’s wins and saw that they only played this % of their wins! I definitely have to enter your giveaway now and save it from these people. It is I the great savior of games by being a passive-aggressive cunt about achievements and playing time.”

Good for you that you currently suck all happiness around you judging from how people tiptoe around you. Must be enjoyable having time to play games and being a passive-aggressive cunt towards other people.

Though I shouldn’t be surprised since they were always that kind of person. I’ve won the game, I’m planning to play it, I’ve probably given away several copies of it. Hmm, maybe it’s not the wins or the game percentage that he mentions that ticks me off but rather how high he stands on his pedestal when he makes these kind of comments now.


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