Hatoful Boyfriend

Wow this game dragged on.

14 endings and I got VN fatigued by its 4th one but I assume that’s mostly because of the VN marathon I did. Also, catgirls are cuter than pigeons.

Some story lines are too cliche but others are unique. The 14th ending story line is somewhat worth the whole process though. It definitely turns the whole story on its head. However, it drags on like the main stories. 10 endings is really too much in my opinion. It should have kept it long enough to become interesting and short enough to no become a chore.

Then the final ending felt like a chore before getting to an interesting bit. I’ve already started writing this post before I got to that bit. That’s how dragging the game was turning out to be.

So after the interesting twist, the story drags on again with cheesy and kinda cliche writing. I suppose VNs are in a way related to Animes and the writing here reflects that.

Rather than being wowed by the story, I got overwhelmed and fatigued by the length.


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