The Walking Dead

Okay, I’ve played Telltale games before but for some reason this one wasn’t something I could just sit on and play straight all through out. First 3 chapters I finished and stopped after each one. Kinda forced myself to finish 4-5 and the 400 days DLC just so I could finish it. I mean I […]

Hatoful Boyfriend

Wow this game dragged on. 14 endings and I got VN fatigued by its 4th one but I assume that’s mostly because of the VN marathon I did. Also, catgirls are cuter than pigeons. Some story lines are too cliche but others are unique. The 14th ending story line is somewhat worth the whole process […]

Visual Novel Marathon

Finished Nekopara 0, 1, 2, and Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star. Currently working on Hatoful Boyfriend but that has 10 endings. RIP. I always thought the Nekopara lenny face jokes were just jokes but apply the uncensored patch and poof all the hentai. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) All except Nekopara 2 were SG wins so at least […]

SG peeves

Recently, there’s been a passive-aggressive poster in SG who comes in giveaways and goes (non-verbatim), “I have looked through other people’s wins and saw that they only played this % of their wins! I definitely have to enter your giveaway now and save it from these people. It is I the great savior of games […]

Strawberry Vinegar

It’s been a while since I wrote mostly because I forgot to post the older game I was playing but I haven’t finished it so that takes a back seat. Strawberry Vinegar is a visual novel. It’s not really very different from the other VN’s I’ve played since they were pretty much written by the […]

Two Digits

My latest win! The game play is pretty straightforward – both side’s values must equal each other. Though I have to admit that since it has been a while since I played Three Digits, I was playing this game like Sudoku and had to visit the store page to figure out how to play it […]

Killer is Dead

So this is an SG win I chose to play. The art style is unique, mainly being it looking like a bleeding broken graphic card mess. Hahaha. The game play is basic hack and slash. It turned out quite enjoyable to be frank. Real time action with attack and defense/dodge. Me just dying 10 million […]