Killer is Dead

So this is an SG win I chose to play. The art style is unique, mainly being it looking like a bleeding broken graphic card mess. Hahaha. The game play is basic hack and slash. It turned out quite enjoyable to be frank. Real time action with attack and defense/dodge. Me just dying 10 million […]

MMOs and ARK

So since my last post and today my time has been split by 2 games. Of course it was DFO and when I quit that, it was ARK’s turn. I started playing ARK: Survival Evolved after Christmas Day. The biggest factor for me playing it was my brother finally getting his own PC and us […]

MMO absorption

It’s been 4 months since my last finished game. The only game to blame is Dungeon Fighter Online really. An mmorpg with achievements. RIP other games. I’ve put in 1,151 hours in according to steam. Though I’m pretty I have about 100 hours just afk in game. It takes six months before I get tired […]


It is Assassin Creed or Tomb Raider for kids. You do a lot of wall climbing and simple puzzles in this game. No killing or dying. Just wall climbing to get around. I never actually saw the end because I alt tabbed thinking the ending would be longer but when I came back RIP RIP. […]

The Walking Dead: Michonne

The game is quite shorter than the usual Telltale game I’ve played. Only about 5 hours-ish of game play compared to the 12 hours that Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands provided me. It’s also the first time I touched a TWD title despite owning the 1st Walking Dead (I have to get […]

The Wolf Among Us

This particular game from Telltale is interesting because it explores a lot of grey areas. You can actually just give in to your sadistic and dark side and murder people all the way. The story examines how people can give in to the shadier elements of society especially when the government installed to help them […]

Layers of Fear

Won this and finished it within 24 hours. Was I excited about playing the game? Not really. A friend really wanted to win this and was kinda pout-y that I won it especially since I don’t want to play Outlast cause it’s horror. I was deciding whether to just pay $20 for a key and […]